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2016-11-03 14:10:57 by Bogly

I am so retarded


2011-02-28 15:40:01 by Bogly

Hi hows it going

new game in the works

2010-09-12 22:04:39 by Bogly

creating a game... more news will be released as i finish the first of 3 campaigns.

Escape the House : Cancelled... Zombie Survival Coming January 21, 2010

2009-12-01 18:43:22 by Bogly

Sorry, I haven't updated this page in a while. I lose the escape the house file. It wasn't nearly done, so its ok, but a game under the name Zombie Survival (WILL BE CHANGED) is currently underway, we have a release date, January 21, 2010.

here is a short, (VERY SHORT) preview

Zombie Survival



Escape the House update 2

2009-08-29 22:20:04 by Bogly

Hi, I have continued work on Escape the house, room one is nearly done. I suppose it will be done in early october - mid october.

Escape the House update

2009-08-19 02:05:12 by Bogly

I have been working on Escape the House again, I haven't worked on it for weeks. Well, since I plan for it to be a much longer game than Escape the Car, I am not sure when it will be done.

Next text adventure game

2009-08-03 13:12:19 by Bogly

Escape the house.

It will be much longer than the previous, with some new added features.

New game

2009-07-30 23:59:38 by Bogly

Me and my friend GreekSpartan made a game :D


2009-06-28 10:44:36 by Bogly


google chrome.

2008-09-04 16:39:56 by Bogly

hey, i got google chrome. its sick i have had it for a few days, anyone else have it?